Mission Partnerships Projects

Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment, Armenia

Bulgarian Youth Red Cross

Danish Forest Landscape Research Institute, Denmark

EkoTiras, Moldova

Global Water Partnership

Human Ecology Department, Free University Brussels, Belgium

Institute for Ecological Modernization, Varna

International Secretariat for Water, Canada

IRC, the Netherlands

Journalists for human rights, North Macedonia

Mama 86, Ukraine

Mayoralty Badeshte, Bulgaria

Mayoralty Dalboky

Mayoralty Hrishteni, Bulgaria

Mayoralty Hristiyanovo

Mayoralty Kalitinovo

Mayoralty Kaloyanovets

Mayoralty Kirilovo, Bulgaria

Mayoralty Rakitnitsa, Bulgaria

Mayoralty Sarnevo

Mayoralty Sladak kladenets


Mayoralty Stara Zagora Spa, Bulgaria

Mayoralty Sulitsa, Bulgaria

Mayoralty Yagoda

Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, Irkutsk Oblast

Municipality Maglizh

Municipality Radnvo

Municipality, Stara Zagora

Pakistan Youth Parliament for Water, Pakistan

Police, Stara Zagora

Regional Inspectorate for
Environment and Water, Stara Zagora

Samaritans, Bulgaria

School Romain Rolland, Stara Zagora

School No. 3, Stara Zagora

School No. 9, Stara Zagora

Solidarity Water Europe, France

Trakia University, Bulgaria

WASTE, the Netherlands

Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council, Geneva

WISDOM, Moldova

Women for Water Partnership

Women in Europe for a Common Future, the Netherlands

Youth Municipal Council, Stara Zagora