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Mobilizing Civil Society in Rural Communities for Sustainable Water and Sanitation Services

Executive Agency:     Earth Forever Foundation
Funding Agency:       Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme,
Thematic Fund “Reform Fund Linked to Civil Society Participation”

This is the media response to our press-conference:
novinata.bg, starazagoralive.bg, nikak.bg, starozagorci.com, radio-sz.net, tvstz.com

Methodology to be applied by the Earth Forever Foundation in addressing this situation
We aim to implement a bottom-up approach, that  is, training individuals in the three villages through the method of doing and learning.

Therefore we plan to do the following:

  1. The village activists of 3 villages from 3 municipalities of Stara Zagora Oblast will be educated on WS policies and adaptation to climate change;  and trained in presentation and advocacy skills – 7 workshops in each village. Active citizens in project villages (25 from each village) would benefit from trainings on water general info, drinking water supply, wastewater treatment and reuse, water quality and health, integrated water resource management and climate change adaptation, presentation skills, advocacy skills.

  2. Village leaders will be provided knowledge on mobilization of resources to solve immediate village issues and address your immediate needs to – 2 workshops in each of the project villages; their representatives will take place in meetings with local authorities and institutions in Stara Zagora as well as responsible institutions in Sofia;

  3. At the end of each project cycle each of the project village is going to have its water and sanitation strategy and action plan communicated with all relevant responsible institutions with the aim to have a full project proposal ready and start implementation;

  4. In the framework of the project, the Executing Agency is going to organize a number of press-conferences and a national conference with international participation;

  5. Lots of information will be published in hard copies and online in internet.